Classic Single Layer Linen Ring Sling by Sakura Bloom

This Ring Sling is a timeless classic, crafted from a single layer of Belgian linen.

Article number: 8036-0011

A timeless classic, crafted from a single layer of Belgian linen.

Our Slings
  • grow with your child from infancy through the toddler years
  • are easy on/off, just cinch and go
  • are perfect for breastfeeding on demand wherever you are
  • promote bonding, and calm fussy babies
  • are comfortable, intuitive, and deliciously snuggly
  • are great for naps when out and about
  • mimic natural in-arms carrying positions
  • are easy to care for and become softer and stronger over time
  • allow you to get work done and make both of you happy
  • are each accompanied by a full color instructional booklet
  • are made in the USA


Full washing instructions:

If your sling needs a deeper clean, check out the fiber-specific directions below. Most of our slings can be safely machine washed and a quick steam iron while catching up on the latest Game of Thrones or Silicon Valley is both relaxing and perfect for readying your sling to look its best!

Linen - Unthread your sling. Wash it in your machine alone on gentle cycle, in cold water. After washing, hang the sling to dry out of the sun or pop it right in the dryer on the low setting. Steam iron on the hottest setting to remove wrinkles.
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