About us

Abby Sprouts is an earth friendly, eco-conscious and most of all child safe storefront in Victoria, BC, Canada & secure online store for today's families. Abby Sprouts' products are carefully selected for high quality, low environmental impact, non toxic paint and materials, safety, durability, and most of all, fun. We strive to provide you with economical options too!


Steph, Cloth Diaper Consultant, Eco Product Researcher and Owner at Abby Sprouts!

After being frustrated with searching for safe products throughout my pregnancy and for my baby I decided the green family needed a place where the leg work was done for them. I select every product Abby Sprouts sells based on earth friendliness, play factor, enjoyment, quality, safety and functionality. If it's junk we don't sell it. I'm a true believer in buying less but buying good quality while supporting small business and locally made products.

My daughter Abby, who's 7 now (and quite literally sprouting up!), is our stores namesake. We kicked around so many names before starting the business but this one just felt right.

Get in touch with us

Yes a real person will answer our phone or respond to your emails! When you have a question about anything we carry, or pop into the store you will be greeted by friendly, helpful & knowledgeable staff that can offer awesome suggestions and advice for what might make life easier while avoiding known and potential toxins in your little ones toys, bedding, diapers etc.

Shopping Online

Abby Sprouts online store provides parents with a place where they can shop in the comfort of their own home while the kids are sleeping, playing or shopping alongside you. We started as an online only store and in June 2011 we opened our brick and mortar store front in Victoria, BC, Canada. Take advantage of our flat or free shipping or just pick up your order locally.

We only sell products we have tested in our home or on our friends and everything in our store is environmentally friendly, well researched and we hope you will appreciate our wonderful selection and top notch customer service.

On Cloth Diapering

We know getting started with cloth diapers can be more than a tad overwhelming until you learn the lingo and see a few diapers in person. We've been there and we help new parents get set up with functional, adorable stashes of quality cloth diapers everyday.