The Grizzly Itch

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A charming story about a blossoming friendship between a bear with an itch and a well-meaning beaver who wants to help. When Bear wakes up from his winter sleep, he discovers an itch. And not just any itch - an unBEARable Grizzly Itch! But when he gets to his favourite scratching tree, it suddenly crashes to the ground. It turns out Beaver likes trees too. Thankfully, Beaver knows lots of other trees, and promises to help Bear find a new one. But Bear's itch is getting more grizzly by the minute, and none of the trees Beaver show him are quite right. Maybe it's not a tree Bear needs, after all? A gorgeous debut by author-illustrator Victoria Cassanell, The Grizzly Itch is an endearing, funny tale of two animals and their journey of discovery, perfect for teaching children how to navigate first friendships.

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