Wee Woollies

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Our Story

As the first Canadian designer and manufacturer of merino clothing and sleepwear for children, we are so thrilled to bring you our bright and beautiful line of merino clothing for the little ones in your lives. Our kids, Farren, Izzy and Jules, basically live in theirs and we hope yours do too!

How it all began...  As a new family of three (we are now 5!) on our first big adventure to New Zealand, we were so inspired by the Kiwis' pledge to their great resource to create everything merino for all ages, and decided the kids back home should reap the many benefits of Nature's wonder fibre, too. Always a fan of the unique and amazing benefits merino provided us, we couldn't wait to bring it to the wee ones in our lives and returned home to Victoria BC ready to embark on a woolly adventure... 
Easier said than done, but we did it! Taking this giant leap was exhilarating and terrifying, and we wanted to do it right.

Going local:

We use the World’s best merino straight from New Zealand, of course! That was a given, but we also knew we wanted to keep the process of making our products as close to home as possible. Having a Canadian made product and supporting our local economy makes us feel good that we are all somehow supporting each other's livelihoods. It's also important to us to have face-to-face interaction with our manufacturer and associated suppliers; something we believe comes across in the quality of our products. We see firsthand the environment in which the wonderful people who make our garments work, right here at home. They’re happy and so are we! 

Great for baby, great for Mother Nature:

We believe that we all breathe the same air, so how does manufacturing our products impact all of us? Unlike the alternatives: in particular, synthetics (chemicals!) and non-organic cotton (one of the most pesticide-sprayed crops - more chemicals!), merino wool comes from the merino sheep, foraging freely in an open natural environment that they are perfectly adapted to. Their ultra-fine wool is a direct result of their natural environment, and by design provides ultimate comfort in a range of weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Those synthetics and non-organic fabrics all produce hazardous by-products that all end up somewhere they shouldn't, including the final garment. That merino sheep, on the other hand, walks into a Barber Shop and gets a haircut. Funny? A little. Sustainable? 100%. Once the sheep has been shorn and its wool harvested, the process of turning that wool into finished textiles begins and the sheep returns to its natural environment to grow a new coat of gorgeous wool. At Wee Woollies we use the World's best ZQ™ merino wool fibre, which has its own certification process to ensure sound farming and animal husbandry methods. All dyes and processes used in finishing the fabric are Bluesign® approved, meaning our products only contain components and pass through processes that are harmless to people and the environment. Children’s sleepwear sold in Canada is required to pass stringent flammability testing, and some clothing is treated with chemicals to comply. Merino wool is naturally fire resistant and our fabrics have passed the fire testing without any chemical treatment. How can you not love a natural product that’s as good for Mother Nature as it is for your own children?

We love kids!

That's why we do this. Obviously we're passionate about merino, and especially merino for the wee people in our lives. Not only did we design comfortable, functional clothing that suits all seasons and all types of fun, we wanted bright and beautiful colours to remind us of what being a kid is all about. Inspired by some of nature's bolder colours, we brought a palette for girls and boys, newborns and kids, big and small. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Our Wee Woollies pure merino essentials are made in Vancouver, Canada from 100% superfine New Zealand Merino wool, soft and delicate against your little one's skin. For every season, everywhere, we believe merino is an essential part of everyone's wardrobe.