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Proceeds from every purchase of any goods goes to support local and abroad initiatives. Please visit our blog for what cause we are supporting at the moment.

Adele's Over the Rainbow Baskets is a local Calgary organization that works with families who have recently given birth to a child with Down syndrome. Krista is mom to Adele who has Down syndrome and together they set up visits with these families to provide, love, support and hope. Along with their visit they bring a  basket filled with goodies for these families as well as tools on how to navigate this journey they will be on. Often times these families are leaving the hospital with out any of these things. Krista and Adele have created over 50 baskets with the support of so many shops. We are proud to partner with her. Please visit her on Instagram at: @aperfectextrachromosome

No product will go to waste:

Any product that is deemed unsellable will be donated to a recycling program to ensure there is no waste. Any Uniquely stitched good with be sold at a discount with proceeds going to Adele's Over the Rainbow Baskets.



All of our new goods are made ethically overseas. We work with a small scale family run manufacturer that adheres to strict ethical guidelines for all it's employees. We have carefully selected a company that ensures fair trade practices are in place and being met. Fair trade means that the people making our product have a safe working environment, are paid fairly, and have labour standards in place that make us proud to be their partners. We also speak directly to our makers which is a relationship we value greatly. Our makers use our designs that we have carefully created and that have been tested by moms. Along with this they use our prints that we have created in collaboration with a local Calgary graphic artist. Our manufacturer utilizes environmental saving measures by recycling materials from our goods and packaging as well as using water based dyes. Our goods are also made from remnants of fabric leftover by other companies that would otherwise that would be discarded. This fabric is in 100% perfect and usable condition. We are proud to keep these otherwise discarded fabric out of landfills and help our environment.


C A N A D I A N  C O M P A N Y

Acorn and Leaf is based out of Calgary, Alberta. We started back in 2013 and have since grown and work with local organizations and Canadian Retailers across Canada. All of our products, prints and packaging are designed and collaborated on by Linda (the owner)her team and her trusted designer; as well as each product is carefully inspected. We pride ourselves in being a family run and Canadian company. When you purchase our goods from a retailer near you; you are supporting the Owner of that boutique, a mum/dad who made it, and our family who designed it. Thank you for shopping small.

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