Boiled Wool Sleeping Bag (Blue Colour)

C$149.99 Excl. tax

Warm boiled wool on the outside, extra-fine organic cotton
on the inside. An extra fine organic cotton lining on the
inside allows the child to sleep in peace. Thanks to the
long zip the front of the sleeping bag can be opened
wide. This makes it easier to place your child inside when
she is asleep.

raw material: Argentina; spinning: Europe;
processing: disana

material: 100% wool, organic, lining: 100% cotton, organic; Zipper made out of synthetic material, certified with Oeko-Tex


Size 1, 60 cm, for about age 1 - 7 months 

Size 2, 80 cm, for about age 6 - 18 months

Size 3, 100 cm, for about age 18 months to 3+ years 

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