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Blow amazing bubbles with PUSTEFIX bubbles. PUSTEFIX bubbles are non-toxic, bio-degradable, and result in gorgeous streams of shimmering, long-lasting bubbles.

The famous PUSTEFIX Bear! Just squeeze his belly and the wand pops out of his head!

Apart from providing a stream of bubbles with each blow, this trumpet is brilliantly suited to children who may have trouble with a traditional blowing ring. This pack contains a multi-bubble trumpet, dipping tray and 125ml bottle of bubble mix. Helps to Develop: Oral motor skills, fine motor skills and visual tracking skills.

Dozens of bubbles with one wand! Whether you want jumbo bubbles or small bubbles, this set has it all! The multi bubbler features 2 wands, a tray and an 8.3 oz. bottle of PUSTEFIX bubble solution.

Refill bottle for PUSTEFIX bubble kits.

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