Merino Wool Footed Tights by Nui Organics

Merino Wool Footed Tights by Nui Organics

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Nui merino tights are made from soft, strong and durable merino wool. Unlike cotton, wool is an excellent insulator, keeping legs and feet warm and toasty. Wool can also absorb moisture, which helps prevent little feet from feeling clammy. It also keeps its insulating properties, staying warm when wet, perfect for sweaty feet.

Easy care, our merino tights dry much faster than synthetics. They are also naturally anti-bacterial and therefore odor resistant ... which means they don’t have to be washed every time they are worn.

Nui merino tights have a wide rib knit and just enough elastane to keep them gently in place. This plus wools natural elasticity ensures they retain their shape wear after wear – no baggy knees or bums. Right now they are one of our only products not GOTS certified organic – but we are working on getting them GOTS certified too.



Nui merino tights will become an essential part of your child’s wardrobe. Made from the finest merino wool, which is biodegradable and a renewable resource, they are working for your child’s planet and well as his/her feet.

Nui TIGHTS are NOT the scratchy itchy tights of your Grandparents era. They are soft, strong and durable and your child will love wearing them. Quick drying, they are easy care and long lasting.

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