Wooden Flower Stacker by Grimms

Wooden Flower Stacker by Grimms

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This stacking tower of nine lovely rainbow flowers is a great two-in-one toy by Grimm's. Children will love to stack the floral discs - learning their colours and developing their hand-to-eye co-ordination and motor skills as they play - but it can also be used as a celebration ring.  Instead of slotting the flowers onto the column, add a candle or decorative figure to the centre. It is made from lime wood and naturally stained using non-toxic, water-based colour.  This natural finish allows the grain of the wood to shine through.

This toy is 17cm tall and is suitable from 12 months.

WARNING: The column is a potential hazard for small children. Always put on safety cap while not assembling or disassembling the flower tower.

The quality of these toys is superb and their appeal is timeless – we’re sure that they will be treasured not only by your children but by your grandchildren too. 

Grimm’s educational wooden toys are made in Europe from alder, lime, beech and maple, all sourced from sustainably managed European forests.  They are made in handpicked workshops across Europe and coated with natural colours and oils by the Grimm’s team in Germany. All of the paints and lacquer used to finish your lovingly made Grimm’s toy are harmless and enhance the natural beauty of the wood, allowing the grain to shine through. 

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