Squadron Racers Vintage Planes Set

Quantity: 3

Small book, big fun; make and decorate the coolest airplanes, pop out the 6 foam planes, assemble the wings and add the propellers then take flight. This set includes 6 pop out foam planes (3 color & 3 black & white) 6 propellers, 6 protective nose cones, 6 sticker sheets, 6 markers & 4 large target sheets.


• The 6 colored markers create just the right look for your air force, stickers add just the right accents, test your skills to hit the target sheets
• Contains 6 punch out planes, 6 high quality markers, 6 sticker sheets 6 propellers and nose cones and a special storage drawer to stash your stuff
• Cleverly designed book-like box has compartments to keep everything neat and organized; innovative magnet closure keeps it all together
• A great gift for boys and girls 5 years and up

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