Circus Puffin Print Raglan Bamboo Long Sleeve 2.5 Tog Cozy Sleep Bag by Nest Designs

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When winter comes around, most new parents wonder what they should do to keep their babies warm during the night. Fear not – Nest Design’s 2.5 TOG Raglan sleeve baby sleeping bag from our new Collection is just the thing to cure your woes. Made with a specially designed bamboo blended muslin with Sorona fill, the toddler sleep bag is perfect for the fall or spring weather with the sleep sack’s mid to heavy materials. The winter sleep sack has a 2-way zip and is a wearable blanket in a variety of adorable prints and colours – suited for babies and toddlers.


– 2.5 TOG
– Filled with eco-efficient Sorona® fibres
– Two-way zipper for easy diaper changes
– Protective zipper flap



Material: 70% rayon from bamboo/30% cotton blended outer,
100% cotton sleeves, 100% Sorona® fill
Learn more about Sorona here
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TOG 2.5 Machine Wash Directions

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