Natural Avent Glass Bottle

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   Easy to combine with breastfeeding

Natural coupling

Our Natural glass bottle helps to bottle-feed more naturally for your baby and for you.

The teat has a comfortable design with petals that allows a natural hook similar to that of the breast, which makes it easy for the baby to combine feeding with the breast and the bottle.

Pure and safe:

   •Heat resistance

   • Pharmaceutical quality glass

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding, easy to combine

   • Natural hook thanks to the wider breast-shaped teat

A more comfortable and pleasant feeding for the baby:

   • Exclusive petals to provide a soft and flexible nipple without shrinkage

   • Compatible with the Philips Avent range

Air is introduced into the bottle, not into the baby's tummy:

   • Advanced anti-colic system with innovative double valve

Other advantages:

   • Easy to use and clean, quick and easy to assemble
   • This bottle does not contain BPA *

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