Eio Kids Training Cup by Cuppow

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This training cup is now 100% Made in the USA from a glass mason jar, easy-grip medical-grade silicone sleeve, and a FDA-food grade recycled BPA-free top. It’s perfect for small hands and easing the transition from bottles to cups.

Teaching a toddler the proper “sip and swallow” reflex develops good habits that promote healthy speech and dental development. The EIO kids cup has no spout to chew or valves to lose, and the silicone sleeve helps prevent breaks. No small parts makes cleaning easy, and our recycled plastic helps keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill. Every part is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free, which means we can feel good when our families use it. By choosing a training cup over a normal sippy, we can help our toddlers learn and grow.

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