AppleCheeks Boosters

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AppleCheeks boosters will increase the absorbency of any cloth diaper - the perfect addition to a night-time diaper or for just a heavy-wetter. Choose between hemp-topped, bamboo-topped or microfleece-topped bamboo boosters!

AppleCheeks Hemp-topped & Bamboo-topped Boosters are a great way to bump up your system's absorbency. Wrap one in a 2-layer insert and you get a total of 8 layers right where your baby needs it! Fold it in half and place in the front of the diaper if you have a boy for extra absorbency right where he needs it!

AppleCheeks Microfleece-topped Bamboo Boosters are meant for use right up against baby's skin (ie, when you're using your AppleCheeks diaper as a cover, and not as a pocket diaper). They have a layer of microfleece sewn right on top of the thirsty bamboo, which wicks moisture away from baby's skin and down into the absorbency beneath. The fleece between baby's skin and the insert allows moisture to pass through but not come back up, while the bamboo drinks up the wetness.

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