Absorbent Cloth Diaper Boosters by AMP

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Need to boost the absorbency of your diapers? The AMP Booster is your solution!

AMP hemp boosters are available in 2 layers or 3 layers of super thirsty hemp cotton fleece.  For a super trim and fabulously absorbent solution, choose the 2 layer AMP bamboo booster!  These boosters are wonderfully absorbent and will fit into most diapers.  They're a great choice for adding extra absorbency without adding extra bulk!

If you need just a little extra help overnight, the 3 layer AMP hemp booster is a fabulous helper.  The 2 layer AMP hemp booster or bamboo booster is great for day use or road trips when you may need to go a little longer between changes.  These fabulous boosters can also be used during the very small newborn stage for a trim absorbent insert that will fit nice and trim on a small baby.

Now made with 55/45 Hemp/Organic cotton.

Size: 4.5 x 14"

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