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Abby Sprouts' Green Policy
Another way we show our commitment to the environment

At Abby Sprouts we tread lightly on our planet, minimize our environmental impact, leave a baby sized carbon footprint and strive to help others on the green path because after all our children inherit the world, the forests, the oceans, the parks, the rivers, and the beaches from us.

We know that it is challenging to find eco-friendly options for kids, in a market that is just beginning to emerge. We strive to provide you with economical options that are safe for your family and are gentle to our planet.

Our Actions

Avoid printing as much as possible

Use recycled paper

Set our computer’s to power save mode

Shop organic

Compost everything we can

Recycle what we can’t compost

Minimize our trash

We email 97% of our customer invoices

Support other green companies

Actively source local, regional and Canadian Products

Minimize packaging

Support our customers choice to live green

Promote environmental awareness in our community